Aug 11, 2004

Things to tell Greenpeace Volunteers

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OK... so this isn't relevant to anything that I've lived through in the last couple of weeks, but you ever see those folks canvassing for support for Greenpeace? For some reason, they hit the Financial District area pretty regularly. My pal and former co-worker ABgie once walked by them and after speaking with them for a bit, pulled out his wallet, saying "you know what? you've convinced me, and I want to donate". They backed away - "we can't take cash". Well - they lost a supporter right there!

Anyway - I sorta get annoyed, even though I like that they are canvassing down here, because the granola college students that they have working may not know that not EVERYONE isn't hip to the progressive and radical environmental movements. And with the support of pop stars like Sting and Bono, they have had more play than some of the other groups (except, perhaps, for the Sierra Club, who in a bold move by some members who showed their true xenophobic colors early this year, had a very public internal debate about US population stabilization and its relationship to immigration control, for which these members came forward as supporting, and ended up getting support letters and statements across this great land from Neo-Nazis, xenophobes, and racists who said "welcome aboard the S.S. Know-Nothing!").

Anyway - so I get annoyed sometimes, and being the wise-ass that I am, I've come up with a new response. When I'm accosted by Greenpeace who ask "do you have a minute for Greenpeace?", I tell them "I think that Greenpeace is too conservative. You should quit this gig and work for E.L.F."

So far (used 2 times) it hasn't really elicited much meaningful repartee, but I'm always hopeful. Yup. That's me. Opening up the younger generation to new ways of looking at things.


In other news, back in my bad habit, working the 9 to 6 shift for the sub-Man. Hey - I know I shouldn't complain and that I'm lucky to be in this racket at all, but hell - I'll complain if I want! I think that I'm scaring some folks into thinking that I'm growing a bit bitter, but I don't think that's a real problem here. I went through a bit of a rough patch a whiles back, but I've got my head on straight - If I don't know where exactly I'm headed, at least I see the open road stretching out before me, as I walk to leave the dark dismal gloom of Mirkwood behind me.

Going to see Rush tonight with an old friend. Getting excited about the show. Just have to survive another 2.5 hours before I can get out of here.

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