Aug 13, 2004

Collateral Damage from Loquacious Company

Digital Rotation:
Nina Sky: "Move Ya Body Girl" (it's just so catchy!)

Entertaining a guest from India for the weekend. Ends up that it's D's nephew through a cousin. He's a good kid, but seems to have an opinion on every topic. Sometimes, I have patience. Other times, I act out. He got to me about 24 hours after staying here. I told him flat out that he was wrong about why India had to use chemicals to grow crops. Why do I get into these arguments? Maybe next time, I should just smack him, and claim generational privilege when he thinks to retaliate.

We saw Collateral by default (I, Robot had already started). Good flick - Tom Cruise turns in a great performance as a steady and intense anti-hero. I think that he should go more for these roles. For some reason, I think that it really suits him now. It was believable (sorta like when Brad Pitt plays different characters than usual - ie: Fight Club).

Made me think a bit about existence and purpose - made me think about stopping all this thinking, and just doing.

Felt like a circular argument.

Brain froze up.

Had to reboot.

Think I'll keep thinking about it, in a background printing (background thinking?) kind of way.


burnedouteyes said...

i know I might come off as this dharma hippie guy, but this is the sort of thing that has me fascinated with zen these days.... hard to grapple with, but sometimes you can get at it by how it works with *doing* something - zen archery, zen sword fighting. A lot of it is about not thinking... and being one with *everything*

Anonymous said...

yeah - it's really deep. i feel that the ability to meditate on nothing is a remarkable gift. Satisfyingly empty.