Aug 20, 2004

Memoirs of an Orientalist

In My Ears:
Judas Priest:
"Green Manalishi"
"Electric Eye"
and a SLAMMING version of Ozzy's "Mr. Crowley"

OK - so granted, I haven't read the novel Memoirs of a Geisha so I shouldn't be doing what folks on the right are always doing to controversial artists, but come on. It's written by a white man, they've been schlepping around to find a lead actress, and I just think that it's catering to severely orientalist fantasies. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Well - it seems they've found their girl. Zhang Ziyi, best known for her breakout role in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is going to play the part.

All I can say is:


burnedouteyes said...

yeah, I'm afriad also....

Rage said...

what crap.