Aug 23, 2004

Go Mohini!

Ok... so aside from the surreal fact that Pamela Anderson was supporting her, I think this is a great story about a young South Asian American woman who stepped up, didn't let barely missing the team in '96 stop her from Olympic dreams, and led the jittery team to a silver in Athens. Go Mohini!!

For Bhardwaj, it's all about redemption

Veteran steps up her role as leader in team's gold

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ATHENS, GREECE - You could say she was the one who put
the Corona in the coronation for this suddenly
scrambling U.S. women's gymnastics team.

Mohini Bhardwaj is the beer-and-a-shot personality who
cuts through all the pixie dust and sets things right.

So intense and hungry for success, when she just
missed becoming one of the Magnificent Seven in
Atlanta eight years ago, Bhardwaj refused to watch the
team competition. She went to a bar instead.

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