Aug 21, 2004

How Free Music Cost Me $25 Yesterday

On Audio Cassette:
Primus: Frizzle Fry
Bjork: Debut & Post

I've figured out that my taste itself isn't all that unconventional for the genres themselves, I think that it's the juxtaposition of many different styles and genres that makes it slightly more unusual than the next person. It's just that I'm so darn curious about music, and have been ever since my heady undergrad days when I was introduced to something new all the time. So if you're ever interested in sharing or trading - look me up.

Well - that's all good and fine, but yesterday, I think that my voracious appetite for music cost me a half-spent monthly metro card. I was walking home through the oppressive humidity when I happened to see a few open boxes of books and audio tapes out on the street, presumably for public consumption, should the public be so inclined to consume forthwith and so forth. So of course, I lean over and dig through the box, and find a dubbed version of Bjork's first 2 albums (which was opportune timing, considering that I'd just finished reading an excellent article about Bjork in the New Yorker, which I thoroughly enjoy reading, by the way (that will have to be another entry on another day, or perhaps - if this prolonged fit of procrastination reaches olympic proportions - later today)). I also found an original of Primus' debut album.

At any rate, I picked up my new acquisitions and skipped merrily homeward. Well perhaps the mode of transportation didn't happen quite like I said, but close enough. I got home, emptied my pockets, and stared at the place where my MetroCard wasn't. DAMN IT. It must have slipped out of my top pocket when I leaned over to root through someone else's garbage without bending my knees. Man, and I'm always warning my loved one (maybe she would use a stronger word) not to lose her monthly. I hate losing money like that. Or through the stream of parking tickets that we've been getting this year. Anyways - so the way I look at it, these tapes cost me about $25, since that's about how much time, pro-rated, I had left on the card (since it was a TransitCheck dealy). So THAT's why I'm gonna KEEP playing these tapes till the sun don't shine!

Speaking of which, it's finally raining in NYC, after 2 days of humidity so heavy it felt like gravity was sitting on your shoulders. The hard afternoon downpour is more welcome music than anything I could be playing right now, the caress of the breeze more refreshing than the sweetest summer cocktail. I love rainy summer afternoons. I can finally turn off our A/C and just sit with the windows open and lights out. Oh yeah. Lemme shut this thing off t...

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