Aug 26, 2004

RNC Ramblings

Getting excited about the RNC Convention activities this weekend. I really think that it's gonna be a good kick in the ass to see all the folks who have committed themselves to making the point heard far and wide that we're not in support of:

1) the Convention being set in NYC
2) the military action in Iraq
3) this bozo president

It's like a desparate smoke signal that we're trying to send out (once again) to the international community that not all Americans think like the gun-twirling cowboy in office, or support the cadre of chicken-hawks from the past 3 decades that came home to roost when he was selected president. I read an article in the most recent New Yorker about the Iraqi soccer team (it's really a cool piece if you get the chance to read it - don't think that it's posted online, because they only put up limited content), in which the Greek olympic hosts make clear to American visitors that "We love Americans - but we hate your president." Maybe everyone needs that kind of reality check once in a while - there's a world out there of people who aren't thrilled to death about what the government of the USA has been doing in its people's names. It's time to take the power back.

The cover story of the NY Daily News today is "Anarchy, Inc: Hardcore Troublemakers a Threat to Republican Convention". Great. As if there aren't enough alert warnings, now we're going to lump together a few crazies with the rest of the hundreds of thousands who want to protest this whole shindig happening in the first place. NY Daily News - it's like Post-light! Actually, the post isn't so bad this time around - it's still focusing on the Laci Peterson case. I'm sure that they will cover the protests, especially if there's violence. I'm loathe to see the wrong side benefit from images of violence and chaos. Nixon had the cameras rolling as things got out of control in '68 Chicago. Who knows what will happen this week.

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