Aug 27, 2004

Speaking of Dissent...

The madness has begun: Naked activists,
Bush-bashing rappellers and drum-thumping, tie-dye-
wearing marchers unleashed a torrent of wacky and
daring civil disobedience yesterday.

Earlier, at 9 a.m., a group of four anti-Bush demonstrators calling themselves "Operation Sibyl" climbed onto the roof of The Plaza hotel and unfurled a giant sign that said "Truth" and "Bush" written on arrows painted in opposite directions.
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Oh man - it is gonna be quite a fun time this weekend. I can't believe that our camera isn't working. It's almost reason enough, on its own, to buy a new camera just for the weekend and ensuing activities this week. However, the tone of this article reminds me that there really isn't a strong liberal voice in the mainstream press of New York anymore. Again - if this is what the Daily News is saying, what's the Post got to say??? Let's check it out...

Nope. Nothing there either about what's going on. At least not on the cover.

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