Feb 1, 2006

Maxim India off to a great start

Well, not that this really surprising, but male-centric Maxim's recent launch in India is already facing litigation from an actress of whom they printed a mock-up picture. The story can be found here
and I'm not interested in writing about it in detail because commentary about controversy between a media rag (if you can even call it that) and an actress just isn't very interesting to me.

I just want to scoop people. And I think that it's funny, because I wonder how long it would take a case like this to go through Indian courts when many more important cases are languishing there. Is this the reason that genocide cases take forever to see the light of day? Is it frivolous litigation or just a court system gummed with molasses?


Sdit. said...

well the funniest part of the article is this quote:

"We are deeply apologetic for causing any inadvertent hurt and offence to Khushboo," he said.... We are in the business of respecting and celebrating rather than denigrating women."

Yeah! That's Maxim! "respectful" nonexploiters of women!

Rage said...

Yeah - I totally loved that. I think there will be plenty of fodder for future posts on this rag.