Feb 13, 2006

Bahubali Celebration in Karnataka

Pilgrims dance ecstatically at the feet of the 58 ft high statue of Bahubali in Shravanabelagola, Karnataka, South India, during the Mahamastakabhisheka festival. This is one of the most important Jain religious festivals, with pilgrims arriving from all over India and the world. Photo: Karoki Lewis, BBC NEWS

I've been to this sacred site, and the statue of Bahubali is breathtaking. It stands at more than 57 feet tall, is carved out of a single piece, and is on the top of a mountain overlooking a considerable number of temples. It is considered one of the most important Jain sites in South India, which was in itself a revelation as I used to think that Jainism was limited to the Northern and Western states of India. But I've been reading about how that's not the case at all. Anyway, this celebration only occurs once every 12 years. Relevant article.

Damn. Missed it again.


Jainrockstar@hotmail.com said...

Hey I just randomly picked your blog from the list at Sepia Mutiny, and as I was browsing, this post really got me interested. For the past week I have been trying to find a website that hosts a live webcast feed of this amazing event. You think you might have any leads? My mom will send you some delish laddus ;)

Rage said...

Sounds like a plan. :)

Here's what I've found so far... no video though I'm sure there has to be something set up somewhere...

Check this out, the central site, from what I can gather.

Good luck. And visit again!

BS said...

This is really a neat and unique event. The BBC news feature has the best pictures of the 2006 event.

I echo the sentiment--missed it! I'd love to be in Sravanbelagola in 2018, blogging away live.

Rage said...

Thanks. I definitely hope that I can see it once. Though because we are Sthanakvasi, I don't know a lot about idol and temple worship/meditation. I kind of prefer that, actually, because I feel like we should be looking inward... still, I'm very interested in applying Jain principles to social justice work, so maybe that's not as inward!

Thanks for your thoughts.