Feb 16, 2006

Rage Against Sexually Frustrated Cops in VA

This story pissed me off. Why? Because folks are laughing that these cops can get their sexual kicks while "scoping out" the alleged ring of prostitution, but I see it as further victimizing the women who are involved in these businesses. It should be their job to protect these women from the people who are preying upon their need for money and possibly (though I have my questions about their status as well) their fear of being deported.

I think that it's an outrage that these cops are taking advantage of the situation, that they don't care at all about what the plight of the women are, that they are just feeding the argument that there's a steady supply of stupid, sexually frustrated, predatory, asiaphile white men who will find these places and continue to frequent them. If the law enforcement isn't taking this seriously, the system breaks down. And it's fucked up. If this were drugs, would it be okay for them to snort a few lines, just to make sure that it's real before they crackdown on the suppliers? Here's a related quote from the story:

In their news release, Smith and Neely said that undercover officers often purchase illegal drugs to build cases against dealers and that the "same lawful investigative technique" was used in the prostitution cases. A Virginia law banning drug possession exempts law-enforcement officers who possess narcotics as part of their job duties. The prostitution statute makes no such exception.
And pulling the "they don't speak English" line is bullshit too. You find a way to get through to them. These cops should be busted and debadged. And someone should see how they'd feel if their sisters were in the same situation. I can't believe that there isn't more of an outrage about this. It's not just about the ethics of the officers - it's about protecting and safeguarding the dignity and rights of the women involved. Even if they are voluntarily part of the business, they are a prop in this fiasco, and I'm disgusted and pissed off.


Sdit. said...

I know! I was shocked when I read the story!
When they do it...then it's justified prostitution?!
They wont apologize?? gimme a break!

Rage said...

Definitely. It's just so annoying, misogynistic, and racist.