Feb 15, 2006

Fun with BBC Desi Photos.

From the vaults over at BBC News is this interesting archival photo:

No - this is not the new ad for Windows - "Mac OS X Killer." Apparently, and I can't find the original caption because it's off the BBC site, but this was a princess of some sort from the early 20th Century, posing with a great cat that she shot. Shit man. That ain't no quail.

More current pic:

Airport employees are on a nationwide indefinite strike against government's plan to privatise Mumbai and Delhi airports.

Woah. Aunties on the move. I have much respect for them to be able to go out and do this. The strike was called off on the 4th of February. Regardless, apparently, these guys ween't quite as impressed:

Riot police have been deployed at airports. Strikers have now been ordered to keep 500 metres away from terminals.

But on the other hand, I'm impressed by these guys:

Dare Devils from the Indian Border Security Forces show off their skills.


Sdit. said...

Hahahaha! Good stuff!
Proactive "desi" women are always a refreshing sight.
(Pic #1&2.)
Love Anty jee sprawled out!

Rage said...

I'm so there with you on that. Hardcore.