Feb 14, 2006

No Luv 4 Google; V-Day


I'm on this really late, because lo and behold! the day is upon us, but better to get educated later than never. I have had my qualms about Google for a long time, and this just confirms it. It doesn't help that I'm particularly partial to the plight of the Tibetan people, who I feel are just as desi as the rest of us, and have been totally under attack since the Chinese oppression became institutionalized in 1950. More power to the movement against Google, and it's never too late to turn away from them, and towards an email provider with more scruples. Hmm. Doesn't Google own Blogger?

Regardless, happy V-Day.

On that tip, check out the V-Day movement while you're reading this. They are doing important work about the issue of redress and Justice for the hundreds of thousands of Comfort Women forced into sexual slavery in Japan during the WWII period. War truly does inflict some of its ugliest casualties upon the bodies and freedoms of women.

Get informed, and get involved.


Sdit. said...

"V-Day movement" link wouldn't open...

Rage said...

Thanks - fixed.