Feb 26, 2006

The Future and Loss.

Went to a conference on lawyering that has got me thinking about what I want to do while in school and beyond. Blogging is not really one of these things, unless directly connected with a campaign. I anticipate a slow decline in my posting, or at least a focus on keeping the posts more closely related to work that I want to continue in the long run.

Got half-way home when I was met with the sad news that my baa passed away today. I'm so glad I got to see her one last time before she did, but it makes me remember also how quickly time is passing, and how much I have yet to do to approach the legacy of my parents and their parents. It is sobering, and a reminded to stay on track and away from distractions.

Peace, y'all.


sk said...

My condolences to you. Am I right in thinking that "Baa" refers to your grandmother...sorry for asking but was not completely sure about the term.

Rage said...

SK: Thank you and that's right. I didn't even realize what I'd typed.

Anjali Taneja said...

my condolences also. your baa is so proud of you, don't be hard on yourself about approaching the legacy of your parents and grandparents :>

i hear your desire to focus more on your postings. I wanted to do the same, and instead i created a 2nd blog (i don't think i understand what focus means). i don't think it's a bad idea to post broadly -- it's reflective of your varied interests.

lastly -- thanks for posting (in your previous post) links to totheteeth and losanjalis! just one minor detail -- on your sidebar links, Los Anjalis isn't hyperlinked correctly -- the website is www.losanjalis.com, not losangelis :> word.

Rage said...

Thanks, Anjali. I really appreciate your words - here and on your site. And I think you're right about wide interests. Cheers and power to (small) massive range.

burnedouteyes said...

I'm sorry to hear that.... hang in & take care.

Rage said...

Thanks burnie.