Jan 29, 2006

What - ANOTHER South Asian Magazine?

Just found out about this mag. So what's the deal - yet another magazine trying to capitalize on a group that is 2+ million strong in a nation of 300 million? Is it Femina for all genders? I don't really care, actually, and I have bigger fish to fry in the next couple of posts, so I'll leave it to the interested reader to find out more about this venture. Hell - it may not even be new, for all I know.

Still - a cursory glance through the contents of the recent issue begs the question "hasn't this already been covered enough?" *sigh* Forgive me for hoping to find more progressive spaces in print and on the 'net. But still, perhaps it's just as well, given the time constraints that law school put on me. Can't go on reading other people's opinions all the time. Especially if they end up being the same all the time anyway.

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