Jan 27, 2006

Left South

There's a revolution goin' on in Latin America. Venezuela's leader, Hugo Chavez has been kicking up a fuss since he's been in power. His rhetoric and his ability to bring people to the message of revolutionary change has been inspiring from a distance. I wonder about the specific way that things are going down in Venezuela, but it's fantastic to see Latin America turn left as the rest of the world continues to look right.

Hell - the World Social Forum just took place in Caracas, Venezuela.

Bolivia just elected a new President, Evo Morales, a member of an indigenous community in Bolivia. He just declared that he is halving his salary. Yup. That's definitely not capitalism.

Chile's new president is a woman, a socialist, and a reformer. Peru is working to extradite Fujimori from its nextdoor neighbors.

Brazil has had all kinds of interesting cultural activity going on, or at least so I heard in the past year.

Man, I'm in the wrong hemisphere.

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