Mar 19, 2006


Sometimes, we're out of touch with important people in our lives for a long time. Sometimes it's only a little while, but in that span, galaxies can spin out of control, empires crumble, lives change forever.

I got some news today that doesn't deal with me directly, but it's close enough, and bad enough of a prognosis, to really make my head and heart reel. I'm okay, we're okay, but someone and his family are not, and the suddenness of this change, of any change that becomes the focus point for a "before" and "after" re-envisioning of personal history, is quite jarring.

I feel like writing about other things is meaningless right now. Cancer is so frighteningly random.


sk said...

How strange you wrote about cancer. I left NY and am in India now...someone in my family is so ill and there is so little we can do. Why indeed.

Rage said...

sk - thanks for sharing. I guess the only way to deal with the feeling of powerlessness is to find something else that we can do.