Mar 4, 2006

Checking in.

Checking in. It's the beginning of a weekend in which I don't anticipate running around too much, which is a welcome relief from the insane pace of this year to date. A lot to catch up on, mostly in school-related affairs, but maybe even some short posts, since it's been a while, and there's so much going on. I'm still waiting for the weather to brighten up though - the blustery winds and sub-freezing temperatures are so not cool in March. I'm not a fan of the sweltering heat and intolerable humidity of some northeast summers, but bring me spring already!


There's a major rally going to DC next week on March 7, in response to some crazy immigration deform legislation kicking its way through Congress. Organizers hope for 20,000 to stand for humane immigration policy and a recognition of the fundamental human rights that should be afforded all folks living in the United States.

In looking for an URL to add to the announcement, I found some hateful site (no link on purpose) condemning immigration and immigrants alike, claiming that "respect for the law" is the only reason that they are very anti-immigrant, and stating their indignation at being called racists because they target immigrants from Mexico and other parts of the South who are visible ethnic and racial minorities.

I feel like I'm just re-treading old, old ground, but it amazes me how much "respect" these people suddenly have for the law in these very narrow circumstances, but everything from environmental regulations to gun control, traffic and tax law, and who knows what else is just "big government" getting in the way. A guy should have the right to "protect" this great "White" land however he wants, but forget trying to regulate his crazy ass when he's doing whatever the hell he does to get his kicks when he's not scape-goating immigrants for the immense shoe being put up his ass by the U.S. government and its big business buddies.

*sigh* How do you combat this kind of ignorance?


Just hope for a better baseball season, I guess. Though that seems like a bit of a stretch in itself. I may be a New Yorker, but I hate the Yankees. I'm going to have to root for whatever team isn't trying to build a stadium on top of or despite a community below it (see L.A. Dodgers, Washington Nationals, ALMOST Philadelphia Phillies). Hmmm. Maybe it's all about Little League this year.


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