Mar 29, 2006

Michelle Malkin is Scared: We Must be Doing Something Right!

She posts her limp reaction to the uprising of solidarity in LA here. Malkin isn't worth much space here - I wish she allowed comments on her site, but clearly she's afraid of the "freedom" that she trumpets in the name of military action, near absolute executive power (when the president thinks like her - would be funny to hear her reaction to FDR's actions in the 30s if she were around at that time). Wait - she's consistent, she did defend the Internment of Japanese Americans in her funny book. But then maybe that was more her fringe protectionism (she may be a darling of the extreme right, but I believe in the movable middle regardless of political party, and she's on the fringe).

Anyway - she posts up some good pictures and asks where the assimilationists are. She's afraid of the silent brown majority not being so quiet anymore. She wonders what would happen if people had signs saying "White is Beautiful." For someone engaged in (albeit questionable) media, you'd think she'd have some ounce of critical ability to see that Vogue, Entertainment Tonight, most TV and movies, and all pop culture tell us that already. Did she ever read "The Bluest Eye"? Probably not.

Anyway, ¡Viva Aztlan!

Keep up the pressure. Maybe she'll keep posting up cool pictures.


PTCruiser said...

Outstanding post on Psycho Malkin. I'm loving your blog here. I'll be back to read more. Thanks for sharing.

Rage said...

Thanks pt! Definitely come back and share your thoughts, and I'll check your space w/ my bloodshot eyes as well.

someone else said...

Where the assimilationists are?!?!?!?!? At the New York demo, people were courteous enough to chant "Yes We Can!" instead of "Si Se Puede!" on occasion and *everyone* I talked to was all about integrating nationally--perhaps not in language though.

In any case, the non-racist restrictionists are, perhaps, actually stupid. On the other hand, the bigger danger is posed by people (like the Senate Judiciary and McCain and "immigrant advocates" allied with them) who are interested in immigrants being here as an exploitable class. I almost think they didn't want the restrictionists the voice their opinions because they feared exactly what's emerging--an actual pro-immigrant agenda that they thought they had controlled and coopted.