Mar 29, 2006

Sanctuary Cities: It's a Movement

Though Cali has been questionable in some of the crazy things (read: Ward Connerly ballot initiatives) that have gotten through in the past 10 years, but I have to say - the Saturday protest that broke the 500,000 mark, and the numerous other accounts of resistance (from LA high school students to the santuary city initiative below) have definitely been very impressive.

Some folks have been wondering what's up with NYC. Chicago, Denver, LA, and other places have hosted large-scale actions. What about NYC, haven for immigrants the world over? It's coming, albeit late. April 10. I'll post more when I find it.

COACHELLA: Another Alta California city votes to become an "Immigrant Sanctuary"

Hector Carreon
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - March 24, 2006 - (ACN) Yet another city council in Alta California has voted to become an "Immigrant Sanctuary". Coachella, a city 125 miles east of Los Angeles and with 30,957 residents, passed a resolution that states "the city will provide a safe, healthy and dignified place to live for its immigrant communities, regardless of immigration status."

Coachella Mayor Jesse Villarreal said that the undocumented immigrants living in the city can rest easy knowing that the local police won’t act as border patrol and turn them in. The resolution will also protect US citizens of Mexican descent from being harassed by the police who could mistake them of being undocumented. . The city populations is 97% Latino.

The "Immigrant Sanctuary Movement" is rapidly expanding in Alta California with the cities of Maywood, Los Angeles, Huntington Park, Pomona and San Francisco having already passed similar measures. The city council resolutions are attempts to prevent local police from arresting the undocumented if the anti-immigrant legislation presently before the US Senate passes.

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