Mar 10, 2006

A Twist on Bart Simpson Selling His Soul

This is a really funny. Check out the site.

College student sells his soul
March 09, 2006

CHICAGO (UPI) -- A Chicago college student got more than he bargained for when he offered his soul on eBay -- now he has to attend services and write about them.

Hemant Mehta, 23, of Chicago, who attends DePaul University, sold his soul for $540 to Jim Henderson, who runs the Web site. In his eBay listing, Mehta had offered to attend an hour of church services for every $10 of the winning bid. Instead, Henderson has asked Mehta to attend 10 to 15 services of his choosing, write about them, providing running commentary for the Web site, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Mehta, who was raised in Jainism, an ancient Indian faith that vows no harm to living things, scores the services on a 10-point scale -- 10 being boring, boring, boring. He critiques sermons and church bulletins, and his commentaries have been popular on Henderson's site.

Mehta told the journal, with his commitment half-done, he's no closer to converting, although he allows church is "not such a bad place to be."

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