Jun 5, 2004

Coming back to Homebase

In an effort to write more regularly to this site, and more importantly, use and celebrate the research properties of the web and internet, I'm going to try to post questions that tickle my fancy, for which I pursue easy and sometimes obscure answers. In the very least, it would be interesting to look some of this stuff up. And at best, perhaps it will help to convince me that spending all the time I do in front of my awfully heavy work computer isn't killing me with radiation, bad websites about poor William Hung, or just plain lame news sites and endless blogs that rant about the same old thing, over and over and over.

But before that... I thought it only fitting to keep the good Bushisms coming. I'm not really thinking about actively supporting his opponent in the elections yet, but I definitely think that it's time for a regime change. I definitely feel like Prince George has got to go. The selected Prez must be deselected. Hit eject. Go to Texas. Go directly to Texas. Do not pass GO, Do not collect billions of Halliburton dollars.

So Prince George, in response to the outrage about the outing of a CIA operative last year, which many believe was a show of power by those in power to dissenters within the ranks, had the following to say last October:

I'd like to know who leaked," Bush said in October. "And if anybody's got information inside our government or outside our government who leaked, you ought to take it to the Justice Department, so we can find the leaker.

Friends - we can't make stuff this good up. It's just too rich. Here's the full article, for anyone interested: Bush consults private attorney over CIA leak probe

You know - I think that I'm going to be moving this blog very soon - have to identify a good spot for a strong foundation, build up a nice looking site, and then paint flowers and mathematical symbols on all the doors while I invite y'all in for some lemonade and chocolate... It only makes sense, looking at some of the great blogs out there, to have something a little more jazzy and functional than this particular blog, where it seems that even getting occasional comments from that one faithful reader out there won't work anymore, as it reads "system closed" for the service that I was using.

Stay Tuned, and for your sake, Stay Awake!!

Coming soon!! "Killing Me Softly With His Psalms: Prince Dubya and the Rising Tsunami of Faith-Based Initiatives" (or: "A Matter of Faith - Do You Know Where all the Non-Profit Funding Has Gone?"

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