Jun 29, 2004


note: this was written last week, but haven't had the chance to finalize and post till now.

Digital Rotation
Megadeth: Rust in Peace

I've been getting into metal again, each day spiraling more tightly into the mind-obliterating abyss embodied by a rebirth in every heavy chord progression. I end up looking more deeply for the message between the lines, conscious of my perceived treading into the supposed last stronghold of the maladjusted white male in America. I hold that that's more the boardroom than the pit, and feel like I belong in this melee just as much as anyone else. The dark galloping powerchords of my youth - the one music that I truly grew with as it grew up and out of fashion in the early nineties.

I've been listening mainly to early nineties-era stuff - Testament, Megadeth, Exodus, Annihilator, Anthrax, etc. This revisiting of musical legacies past was launched off, in part, by lended music, from an old friend who I found out had his own windows into the metal world. It's interesting how many people have their own stories of how they have been part of this uneasy brotherhood. It's actually more interesting how in some strange way - it was more a brotherhood than a lot of people on the outside understand. I still feel like I was on the periphery of this outsider group in high school, but I guess at least with the music, I felt more at home within this group than the new wavers (ie: preps in our school system).

I remember that first period of true revelation as I fondly recall past music crazes. Nowadays, I don't usually consume music as soon as I have access to something new - but this habit was much more pronouced in the past, and came from the formative years of high school, when I went from Appetite for Destruction into Iron Maiden, Metallica, and everything else. The worlds of new music (most of which had been released years prior to my exposure to them) seemed the perfect escape to get away from everything around me and to finally delve deeply into something of my own. The intricacies of the music and lyrics, and the histories and pedigrees of players. The love of music is a wonderful thing - the immediacy of tracing rock and other geneologies only a tape or CD away. I've used my library memberships, close friendships, music television, odd college radio programs, and music journalism to fill out the different, distant corners of this personal sonic universe.


burnedouteyes said...

great post... yes! there was a kind of brotherhood in the pit back in the day... I wrote a short monologue about it once. how the artists, the skaters, different races, etc. could get along at some of those concerts.

don't feel it as much at shows nowadays (do I sound old when I say that??). but occasionally I see that rare spirit appear again...

Rage said...

Yeah - I remember some songs about that by some groups like S.O.D. called United Forces (their Speak English or Die crap notwithstanding, they were pretty funny)... moshing originated in the punk/hardcore scene and was co-opted by metalheads. It's funny how these things are cyclic, as many of the hardcore groups started integrating more powerchords and melody into their music later on (look at Suicidal Tendencies!).

burnedouteyes said...

SOD - I heard of those guys.. a couple of people from Anthrax right?

true that - I noticed that a lot of the old punk/hardcore bands had a 'metal' stage later... Like Bad Brains' Quickness album (which I like a lot).

"All I wanted was a Pepsi"!

Rage said...

Stormtroopers of Death: Billy Milano on vox, Scott Ian and Charlie Benante from Anthrax, and Dan Lilker (sp?) from Nuclear Assault, formerly of early Anthrax.

Yeah, just one pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me. I think that C.O.C. and a few others also went the metal route for a while. Way before the nu metal craze.

burnedouteyes said...

that's right... actually I've only heard the "metal" C.O.C. I had 1 album, on tape somewhere.

Rage said...

funny thing is - I don't really know anything by C.O.C. Just know that they went hardcore --> metal (and back again?), through the fanzines... Metal Massacre, etc.

Would love to hear that bad brains, though. You have any fishbone?

burnedouteyes said...

too bad I have "Quickness" on tape. Have some early stuff on CD. I have some Fishbone on CD... Truth and Soul, and a newer, 90s album. Reality of My Surroundings is good, unfort I have that on tape.