Jun 15, 2004

Rolling Stone.com

I get this daily email from Rolling Stone.com that's actually pretty amusing. Some news rehashed from the print magazine, but there are two features that I really like. First, they list the daily ROCK ON TV (a good way to see who's playing the late shows and other TV events or even guesting in a sit-com). Second, they always start the email with a quote, and they've had some pretty funny ones lately. I use them as my away message on AIM sometimes, but sometimes I want to share even more widely. Here are some my faves of late:

"People saying I can't sing, but I have no problem with that, because I know that I can. People saying that I can't write, which pisses the fuck out of me, because I'm a writer. Don't you fucking dare try to take that from me.." -- AVRIL LAVIGNE

"How much money does Led f---ing Zeppelin need? Do they realize that when you hear their song now, you visualize a shitty car driving by?" -- TRENT REZNOR

"He was only relevant by accident." -- MORRISSEY on David Bowie

"I'm a very deep person. My husband, who is one of the smartest men in the world, never would have married a floozy." -- JESSICA SIMPSON

"I ask a lot of questions that most people would not ask. They would figure it out in their head before they ask it." -- JESSICA SIMPSON

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