Jun 14, 2004

NYC Celebrity Sightings Vol. 1

Didn't remember to post this last week, but on the evening of Monday 6/07, D. and I were with a couple of friends at Teany in the Lower East Side, having some tea and sandwiches, when my eyes focused on the back of this bald guy's head, and I realized that I was staring at the dome of the proprietor, Mr. Moby. Or just plain Moby. I commenced to whisper this to my conspirators in consumption, and was met with fairly blank stares. In a small cafe, I wouldn't doubt it if even SeƱor Moby noticed that he was going unnoticed. It was pretty cool, though - it just felt like he was coming down from his crib (also in the 'hood, and i was told that it's quite a simple abode) to grab a bite in the local joint, which he happened to own. We left him alone. I have since checked his online journal, and have not yet seen any reference to the incident. Perhaps he's still trying to put words to his feelings about the near-encounter.

Tonight, we were supposed to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge together - actually the first time in my 9 years of living in NYC that I was going to do that. I found a listing in the Village Voice for the Poets House 9th Annual Poetry Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and decided that I wouldn't tell D. about that particular part of the evening, and see what would happen. She got there a little late, but in time to see Bill Murray, who was to read a poem sometime on the bridge. That was neat. Of course, as with a week ago, we didn't have our camera on us, so no pix. Jim Jarmusch was also there, and a few poets, though their celebrity is only recognized by the literati, and I don't recognize that many of the mainstream poets. Poets House is a remarkable organization, but I have to say - we stood out like two raisins in a bowl of oatmeal. Their support base, at least for this benefit was quite monochromatic.

We cruised ahead of the crowd after hearing a couple of poems in front of the Municipal Building, ended up at Grimaldi's for pizza, and had ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. What a wonderful evening, and I got to do 3 things that I've been meaning to do for years. Oh yeah, and we got to see Bill Murray and Jim Jarmusch, too.


burnedouteyes said...
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burnedouteyes said...

heh, I remember going to an Acid Mothers Temple concert at a little bar in DUMBO and finding Moby standing next to me. I asked him to watch my coat for me. At least I *think* it was him.