Apr 18, 2007

Video. Photos. Verdict?

He's playing us all. He assumed that he would be successful, and he got the images and video out so that he could take over the airwaves with his images, and to expose hatred, fear, and all the raw emotions he pulled out in his rants and writing. I don't admire him, but I wonder how "insane" he was to be able to plan to this degree, and to think through how much the media would eat up the images and the video. I just can't imagine what his parents are going through. And I don't want to see the images, the videos, the words. I don't want to make sense of his anger. I know so many people who could have taken the wrong path. How many of them end up joining the military? The police? Some other place where they can inflict their pain on others? How many more broken people are walking among us as if they were whole?

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