Jun 13, 2006

Sad story from Va.

Not my own - still maintaining, and feeling solid about summer. Just sending anyone who sees this who isn't already a reader of PTR to check out this sad story about a real-life, and perhaps not immediately identifiable consequence of the anti-immigrant legislation and policies that plague state and federal government.

It is sobering that these stories are not isolated, which we can piece together simply from the accounts we read on various list servs. And the question always remains - how many more are out there?


*sigh* The world keeps on spinning, and humans continue to fuck one thing or another up for ourselves, our co-inhabitants of the planet, and future generations to come. I guess I'm feeling a little glum that human intervention and action will prove to be the one scar that the planet will not be able to heal itself from, unlike the many natural catastrophes that have wreaked havoc in millennia past. Maybe I should stop listening to depressing music (or watching Al Gore on the big screen!).

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