Jun 27, 2006


I have, at last, come across a small community of fellow procrastinators. How I long to break bread, share our near-misses, engage about how our habits keep us one step from the edge of losing too much that matters to us, and perhaps, even, find ways to get through and past this to a more directed, useful existence.

How nice it would be to convene, be not alone in this affliction, find community in this solitary trait. How I could just pick up the phone and easily make that happen.

Maybe later.


flygirl said...

classic! :-) i vote we create an on-line community. some day.

Rage said...

We should plan a call/chat about it, at a date/time to be determined...

flygirl said...

step 1: plan to discuss time to make phone call

step 2: plan to make phone call

step 3: delay/cancel as somethind has come up (that gardening show is so much mroe informative than you thought! wait, I'll read just *one* more blog!)

step 4: repeat 1 + 2

Rage said...

Mebbe later. :)