Jun 6, 2006

Mr. Smits Goes to Washington

Wassup people. Who would have thought summer was going to be more busy than the semester? But there you have it. Didn't even know that superBonds* busted past the Bambino on the ol' tainted record books. Didn't even get a chance to post what I'm listening to (though that's been on the DL since my computer started to freak out on me).

Otherwise, can't complain. Well - hells yeah, I can complain. I watched the NCLR ALMA Awards last night, and apart from the distraction of Eva Longoria changing clothes and hairstyles between every screen shot, I was amazed that of all these Latino/a stars, only one had the balls to say something about the crazy climate in the U.S. (that I saw). That was Jimmy Smits, who continues to rise up in my assessment of mainstream actors and artists who are willing to say something about the real world and not play nice with expectations of docility.

You were being sworn in as president while your people were outside the capitol saying "si se puede." Right on Mr. Smits, right on.

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