Jun 11, 2006

Not a music review this week, but...

Wassup mi gente. Seems like time is flipping quick. "Ain't it funny how it is? You never miss it till it's gone away... don't waste the time always searching for those wasted years." Anyway, yeah, so I'm listening to a Maiden song. But this one is actually a cover, by the rock group Damone, which in their latest album "Out Here All Night" sounds like a cross between some indy rocking woman like and Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. Not to mention that they actually cover Maiden, perhaps to underline the point, as the album closer. Lush acoustic arrangement surrounded by strings... it's actually quite nice. And it reminds me of how dearly I love the original. I haven't heard the whole album by Damone, though I'm previewing some of it through Napster (they have a new "listen to songs for 5 times free" service that allows for some stuff to be previewed, which I'm definitely going to take advantage of before I buy). I have to say - they have the riff power.

Anyway - life has been good, and I'm thinking about new things to add to the site, reflect on the crazy fucked up world in which we live, and just post up some stuff that's been on my mind that I have to submit to the ether, relay to you the faithful reader, and perhaps even dialogue about. I miss the community of this space, though it's nothing like the huge spaces out there, there were a handful of beautiful people from whom I'd get a remark once in a while. That notice in my inbox was far more welcome than the droll - and not entirely innocuous - missives
from unknown writers and bots across the interverse.

At any rate, typing while buzzed, and ready to call it a night. But fear not, faithful and wondrous reader. I shall perhaps return again shortly, with something not entirely innocuous of my own to spread across these pages. Brown. Out.


sk said...

Hmm, "only" 1 billion of us in India and there are 20 billion of us living around the world...TOI needs a fact-checker for sure.

Rage said...

Yeah. And considering that there are an estimated 100 billion humans that have ever lived, in the history of mankind, 20 billion Indians abroad + 1 billion in India... we are 1 fifth of the total human population ever, and we're all around right now?

Pretty impressive.

Sounds like TOI is getting their facts from Fox News.