Jul 21, 2005

Supreme Court Rhymes With...?

While I've not really been tracking the Supreme Court nomination, nor do I have a particularly strong feeling about the conspiracy theory that's quickly arisen as a result of the bait-and-switch that has seemingly occurred with John Roberts chosen as the nominee over the perceived chosen one1 (Emily Brown Clement).

However, as per my interest in the least understood branch of the government, the SCOTUS (as opposed to POTUS), I have found a new blog that tracks all things SCOTUS related. (is it just me, or is SCOTUS too close for comfort in the "sounds like an anatomical reference" department? Or is it a PAC the likes of USINPAC? Not to mention that I feel like we should talk about HAGUS (sic) if we're talking about all these other -USes).

Anyway - if you're interested in the High Court (i.e. Sith council), check out this blog about all things SCOTUS... or you could just skip it and get off SCOTUS-free. Sorry, I just had to do it.

[1] This is a Hari Puttar reference, but not a spoiler. I don't think. Or is it?


someone else said...

I hate the terms SCOTUS and POTUS and regret ever using either of them. I tried not to, but it just seemed unbloggy not to use the phrase "SCOTUS watch" at least once.

By the way, Scotty dies and the SCOTUS nominee is announced on the same day? Coincidence? I think not.

My wit remains truly overwhelming. Look at its flaming glory in awe!

Rage said...

Oh lord. You're killing me.

someone else said...

"This man is MADE! He's KILLIN all y'all jive turkeys."

Yes, I will quote off of the Black Album.