Jul 20, 2005

Sudoku: My New Obsession

I don't have a lot of time for obsessions right now, but I'm definitely hooked on this puzzle from Japan called the Sudoku. The concept is simple: a crossword-like grid is half-filled with numerals randomly picked between 1-9. Your task is to fill out the rest of the grid, using numbers from the same range. The trick is, every 3x3 square, as well as every 9-character row and column, must contain the full, non-repeating sequence of digits between 1-9. It sounds easy, and some of it is easy, but it's quite addictive, and I find it more appealing as a logic-driven person, rather than a vocabulary buff (which is why I have a difficult time with most crosswords. I use small, common words).

Check it out if you're bored, or anxiously awaiting the confirmation hearings for SCOTUS. If you're trying to do the one in this post, you can click it to get to the solution.

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