Jul 12, 2005

DC: Not all Wily Wonks

Saurav mentioned a really cool DC cafe of which he was a patron (and we were not). In light of that revelation, and on a quest to disprove the assumption that the DC area is all about the lawyers, wonks, and power junkies, I started to do a little digging. I've found so far that there is a critical mass of conscious and progressive people in the District and surrounding areas, and there are quite a few interesting developments around the metaphorical corners where the mainstream lives (such as Adams Morgan, DuPont Circle, the Great Lawn Mall. Some great examples of this that I've found so far:

World Arts Focus/Joe's Movement Emporium
: World Arts Focus is a non-profit organization that brings artists and communities together to study the arts, experience performances, and encourage the preservation of cultural performance traditions. Joe's Movement Emporium is our studio facility. [from their website]

Provisions Library: a Radical Resource for Activism and the Arts. I have not yet visited this space, but just reading the website was very exciting, and I love that they have board games around for folks to chill out and play. We don't have a space like this in NYC, or at least, not one that I know of.

SALSA: The Social Action and Leadership School for Activists. Just click. It's that cool.

Vegetarian Guide to DC: It's not all steaks in the District.

Historic Mt Rainier, MD
: Mount Rainier is one of the cooler places in the Beltway. Very progressive, very diverse, very cool. Very not gentrified. Yet.

Sticky Fingers Bakery: I've been there for ice cream, but didn't realize the vegan side of the coin. What a great place. They even bake animal treats.

More to come...


someone else said...

You know what would be really helpful too? If you could put together a list of immigrant groups, etc. I'm convinced that with the number of immigrants in the DC area, there must be the capacity to mount a significant local organizing effort there (as opposed to a "we're the center of power" national-style effort).

Rage said...

Slavedriver. Okay. Was planning to do that at some point as well. Though I guess Washington may just be fascinating because it has such a reputation, but this kind of documentation should be done elsewhere also.

Rage said...

It would be interesting to see what's jamming in the DC Metro area, with the African, Central American, and certain Asian (Vietnamese, Filipino) immigrant populations...