Jul 9, 2005


As of this account in the BBC News online, there are at least 2 desis amongst the 10 - 15 folks listed as still missing since the near simultaneous attacks in London on July 7th. The picture is of 20-year old Shahara Islam. The other desi listed is Neetu Jain. Let's hope that they and the others are found safe and sound.

UPDATE: According to this account in CNN, Shyanuja Parathasangar is another missing, bringing the total that I've seen up to three. If you're in London, if you know anything, please help to relieve the horror of not knowing for their families. This whole scenario is so reminiscent of the days and weeks after September 11th. In the beginning, hope remains, but until something is found, the process of grieving cannot begin.

FINAL UPDATE: Sepia Mutiny is tracking this list and the stories here.

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