Jul 21, 2005


For the first time in my life, I've been called a "coconut" (see comments to the previous post). It's pretty funny, actually. But maybe a reminder that I should temper the funny little shit with "bigger" topics so the folks who stumble upon the site are reasonably entertained. Then again, given how many folks are blogging about the most mundane desi topics imaginable, and I don't find half of them interesting, maybe I should just focus on more in-depth analysis of whatever kind I can muster. Or maybe, I should continue to stare at my belly-button and enumerate the endless variety of lint thereupon found.

But you know what? I don't have to prove myself here. Please. My rep isn't built on ramblings in a blog.

But sheesh. A coconut!


someone else said...

It also seems that an interest in children's literature, sci fi / fantasy, and buying into a fad are some hallmarks of the desis I know :)

DesiDancer said...

Your blog, your rules.

Besides, have any of the criticizing parties actually READ Harry Potter?

Rage said...

I know - there are two desis in the series, enit? And I'm also in the midst of using the latest installment as an experiment in gender relations (since we're reading this thing aloud together). Although we've had a couple of incidents in which the other has read ahead quite a bit... but we're trying. I think it's tough since the books are so infectious. My sister read the damn book in one day, a week away from the New York State bar exam!!

But yeah - my blog, my rules. Still, I definitely think it's time to talk diaspora, census, human rights, arts... candy, vw, movies, music...