Jun 4, 2005

Spring is finally here, and it even feels a bit like summer. Settling into a new routine, preparing for another summer replete with reading, visiting sites in the city both beloved and unknown, connecting with those who have been touchstones, and others who remain fondly on the blurry periphery of memory. Hopefully, I'll be able to take some more time to just process the past and prepare for the new life that lies ahead.


But first, a word from our scary sponsors. If these guys aren't terrorists, I don't know who is. Actually, I fell upon this site while doing a little random site-jumping, and quickly realize that I've been sheltered from the madness of some of the folks out there who are writing just as often and as rabidly as folks on this side of reason. Problem is, with the pre-emptive attack strategy overseas, the corporate monopoly in the House, Senate, and White House, and the lack of clear strategy from the Dems, it seems like these folks are enjoying with gusto and a bit of gun-brandishing bravado that we didn't see when Clinton was in power. Not that Clinton was as far left from ideological "center" (if you believe that such a thing exists) as the current president is to the right of it.

Still, I heard ol' Bill on NPR yesterday, and it was interesting to hear him as he defended his record while in office, and concede that some of his priorities were not on par with where they should have been to stem the tide of regression in which we are currently mired. Speaking of which, stem cell research was an easy regret for him to acquiesce. But while he didn't fully acknowledge that he was responsible for selling immigrants down the river in the '96 Welfare Reform, he seemed proud to have recovered "most" of the benefits lost to immigrants as a result of the bill's passing. Seems that the nuance that he was guilty of accepting the hateful amendments on the bill to begin with has missed him entirely. After all, they are only immigrants.

Maybe I'm contributing to the problem by pointing fingers at the lesser of two evils, instead of just focusing on the King.

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someone else said...

Ever wonder what would have happened if he had put up a fight and then resigned, letting Al Gore run as an incumbent? I'm not sure if it would have been better or worse, but his willingness to use his political capital to defend himself always seemed to exceed that he used to defend others.

Perhaps I'm being unfair. As the days have gone by, I've realized more deeply what a tough spot anyone in his position would have been in. His actions were probably still worth getting fired over, though.