Jun 22, 2005

Cool Music-Related Blog with MP3s

Listened to NPR yesterday, and as usual, got some interesting facts and useful tidbits. It may be more white liberal than one can stomach for too long, but there's a great show in the morning called News and Notes, with Ed Gordon, which covers African American issues, and it just so happened that music critic Toure was filling in for Leonard Lopate when I was listening, and had an awesome show, part of which I'll write about later.

He interviewed firebrand writer, cultural critic, and MacArthur genius Stanley Crouch, legendary guitarist Vernon Reid of Living Color, and mentioned a few blogs that he reads with music content that you can download. I've been checking out Stereogum, and it's pretty neat, both to get music news (gotta wean myself off of Rolling Stone, since I got ribbed for reading it), and for actual music. Check it out.


someone else said...

You should try brooklyn vegan. I'm not sure what the address is, but it's a good starting point for finding music. That's how I ended up finding out about One AM Radio.

Rage said...

Sounds cool. Will check it. But what's One AM Radio?