Jun 30, 2005

The Compton Homies and the Popz

I hadn't heard about this before - but this is AWESOME. The Compton Homies and the Popz was established in 1995 by an activist hoping to battle homelessness in Compton. The primarily black and latino team plays against other teams, which are primarily immigrant, and are planning a tour that will take them around the world. Listen to the clip, read the article, and hopefully, check out the documentary, which I found out about via a google search.

Cricket has always seemed to be a foreign, inaccessible thing to me, relegated to the world of my cousins and the world out there. I thought that it had a limited following, and later, as I became more nuanced, thought that it was only a colonial vestige that should be abolished. But now, I'm realizing that it was my pro-baseball (and limited American) view that closed my mind to a game that has really become synonymous with the post-Colonial world of nations that had once been under the Queen's thumb. Though I still am uncomfortable with cricket's past, I really want to learn more about it, and since I'm not fit enough to play futball, the true world sport, I want to try to get more into Cricket. Maybe it's that part of me that's so interested in the Caribbean coming out, though Cricket is a national obsession in India comparable to the perpetual struggle with Pakistan.

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