Mar 13, 2005

ayudame, por favor!

iMac Shuffle:
Cure: Homesick
Bjork: Sun in My Mouth
Natalie Cole: The Very Thought of You

To add links and must-read posts
I have spent the past 45 minutes
searching without revelation
for the key to unlock the mystery
of customizing the sidebar
of this little brown blog

won't someone guide me
in this seemingly
fruitless quest?


someone else said...

you have to edit your template. i think it's in change settings under the blog in the dashboard.

Rage said...

yeah - but how to do the specific things - I need to have the html skills. i am prowess-less.

burnedouteyes said...

what specific things? i know a little html and javascript.

Rage said...

thanks so much to saurav and burnedouteyes for helping me through this. I think that I'm getting somewhere with this... minor re-design on the way!

burnedouteyes said...

looking good!