Nov 1, 2006


Clearly many issues are of interest to me, but I just can't get around to writing about them at this point.

But I like to name things.

So, consider this my contribution to creative commons, folks - if you want one of these, take it and drop me a thanks, because I'll never end up using it, given the crazy schedule I'm on for this semester/year/lifetime.

1. Twilight in the Orchard of Cloned Mangoes: The Prodigious Growth of Unoriginal South Asian Writing in English.

2. Browns vs. the Board of Elections: Voter profiling/intimidation and immigrant communities in the United States.

3. Throw Some Money at Me: The Rise and Obsolescence of Indo-PACs. (alt: The New Photo Op: Uncle Politicking and the Myth of Effective Ethnic Political Fundraising).

4. Attention Surplus Disorder: If We Stopped Reading "BlogStars" Would They Just Go Away?

Feel free to add to the list... I'm sure I will.

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