Nov 5, 2006

Answering a Call?

I've been thinking about missionary or quasi-missionary work that some of my former contacts have been doing. I still don't really get it. But I'm trying to understand. I mean, I really admire people who meditate and who find new ways to explore personal development through spirituality, but I just don't really understand the calling. Why try to convert people? Why trample over their personal beliefs and ways of life? I guess I can see the institutional compulsion, and even that for the powers that be within the church leadership, but why do young folks feel so inclined to turn away from other methods of actualization through good humanitarian work, and feel driven by this calling?

Their commitment is compelling, but troubling. It almost feels like they are dropping out of society. I have a good friend from a past life in the arts who shocked us all in his complete aboutface and headlong dive into this work. While it would be great to have some more progressive folks involved in ministry, I still find faith to be a very personal thing, and I don't know if the calling comes from social justice tendencies or some reaction to modern society that pushes people into what I view as a different kind of isolationism. I'll write more when I think more about this.

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