Nov 14, 2006


Just wanted to say I'm thinking about my sister, who I haven't really had the chance to fully catch up with since her recent trip and return from abroad. I don't get to speak with her much anymore, though we lived in the same city for three years at one point. Now we're not in the same place, and that sorta sucks. And you have to work harder to make those links and ties mean something. I've been working on that with friendships, with people moving away and onward with their lives, but I haven't made that effort with family. It's always easy to settle into some false lull of comfort knowing that holidays and the like come and the opportunity to reconnect come with them. But it's not about the occasional face-to-face eating or family-togetherness, right? It's about the times in between, and the times when, despite ourselves, we're growing and changing. I feel this same tug with one of my close friends who is going through a lot of transitions right now. A major shout out to her as well, though I know that she's okay, we trade an email here and there, and we've been playing catch-up through our voice mail messages.

But this one is dedicated to my lil sis. You're awesome. Don't let the bastards drag you down. Thanksgiving is going to be a time of much studying, but there's gotta be at least one or two movie premieres, shopping sprees, and baking adventures that we can still share.

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