Jul 17, 2006

Well They Could Just Kill a Man...

There you have it. No officer in the UK will be prosecuted for the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian man taken down at the London tube in the immediate aftermath of the July bombings last year. Remember that Menezes was shot 7 times in the head. Remember that London cops don't really shoot people - that's an Amerikan phenomenon. Here's a quote:

Senior CPS reviewing lawyer Stephen O'Doherty, said two officers who fired the fatal shots could not be prosecuted for murder or any related offences because they "genuinely believed" he was a suicide bomber. [source]
Lovely. What may be even more scary is that London police are supposed to be more civil, less trigger-happy, and able to keep the peace without drawing a piece. But in these days of hyper-vigilance (read: every(br)o(w)ne is a suspect). In the aftermath of the Mumbai bombings, will the police there exhibit the same lack of self- and professional- restraint?

And they call me abnormally paranoid. I'm relatively safe, but I'm worried for all the other folks out there.

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