Jul 4, 2006


Have to give props to my fave vlog, rocketboom. They keep it interesting - haven't been watching for 2 months, thanks to iTunes trouble, so as I picked up where I left off on the archives, I came across the June 6 segment. RB proved again with this segment that they are hip and in touch with a whole array of alternative culture/media - beyond the typical geek/hipster stuff that is so commonly available.

They started the segment with something about June 6th being the International Day of Slayer. The site is actually pretty funny - it tells folks to take the day off from work and just listen to Slayer, sans headphones. Those crazy Europeans (though I'm pretty sure this is a U.S. idea).

I didn't know about this phenomena - but I guess it makes sense in an odd way. Anyway, seeing any mention of metal in pop culture is a rarity, especially in a way that isn't wholly parody. So major props to them for keeping it, and me, interested.

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