Jul 1, 2006

Things I'm trying to change about life, the universe, and nothing in particular:

*ordering the $4 blended fruit drink on the menu because it's still cheaper than the $5 boutique beer that is my default order, and it's better for me too.

*buying fresh fruit from the market regularly, disregarding the price of good organic produce when I can insomuch as realizing that it's still going to do me a world better than the frozen pizza I still gravitate towards.

*learning that the last urge to play roulette before leaving a casino at the moment when you've broken even at the blackjack table is purely from the smoke-filled environment that they've created, and we all need to tame that beast or else we're all going to end up making the casino-man just that much richer.

*remembering that potential means nothing if you can't utilize the tools and focus to put it to use somewhere. I'm talking about to-do lists and all that crap. Could-have-been means nothing when you didn't try hard enough.

*not everyone is *really* as big a music fan, nor really as interested in learning about the nuances of specific, idiosyncratic pieces of music.

*I still don't care what white liberals think.

Okay - this is a lame post. Ending the transmission here, but also thinking about how easy it is to get caught in the quagmire of discussion with people far more knowledgeable than me about the details concerning politics in South Asia. But I still try to interject. And I feel like I make a lucid point once in a while, amidst my own rhetoric. But I always lose them on "India is trying too hard to be America's puppy." Ah, whatever.

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