May 6, 2006

KCRW: Free Song a Day podcast

Check this out. First of all, I have heard a lot of cool things about KCRW radio, from sunny LA, which has a very strong commitment to original programming and music playlists that aren’t driven by payola and top-forty pressure. NYC doesn’t really have anything comparable, at least for music. WBAI is good for talk and some music, but it’s all about the right timing to catch a music program. I guess when everyone is in their car so much (like in LA), strong and interesting radio is critical.

Anyway, KCRW has a whole range of podcasts, some of which I’d been listening to before I got turned onto this new one when I was prompted to visit their website by an ad on The World: Global Hits. First of all, they have just launched a free online streaming version of the radio station, which is really cool. Checked that out, and will use it next time I’m tired of my music.

But then I checked out another feature through their podcasts, and discovered KCRW’s Today’s Top Tune, which is a podcast you can subscribe to that basically gives away one song a weekday to subscribers, available for 24 hours, from their Morning Becomes Eclectic radio show. What a wonderful and legal way to get folks to listen to and enjoy new music! I’m all for it, and I strongly recommend it, even though I’ve only gotten two songs so far, but hey, I’m excited!

To make this work: if you have iTunes, just click here and it should take you into iTunes where you can find the Today’s Top Tune podcast subscribe link (you can check out the available songs before subscribing). If you don’t have iTunes, go here and do your thang.

This is far superior to the other “music-oriented” links I’ve seen. These are actually songs without commentary or additional b.s. Give it a whirl!

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