May 29, 2006

Summer events...

Sweltering heat today, and in a flash, spring gives way to summer. I remain excited about getting my life on all fours, my camera and computer in working order, and my projects under way. Things are going well this summer, all things considered. But I still have to draw up my list of cool free concerts and happenings in the city that I don't want to miss. Last year, the concerts at Prospect Park Bandshell were awesome - we even saw Ozomatli there!

Let's see. The checklist begins with...

1) Check out the non-traditional concert spaces in Brooklyn where there are shows and screenings. Aside from the known concerts at the Bandshell, and the monthly open house/party at the Brooklyn museum, there are a lot of other venues off the beaten path. There's a show or two at the Coney Island Mets minor league park, there are waterfront performances and jazz in Red Hook, Williamsburg, and Brooklyn Heights, and if you're lucky, you may get to catch a

2) Outdoor festivals and spontaneous performances are all over the place. Really.

3) Jim Henson Puppetry Festival. I think that it's in Summer. I can't remember, but it's awesome.

4) New Works Now at the Public Theater. Readings, One Act Plays, and other performances, all free!

5) Avoid Times Square.

6) Check out all the concerts and performances in parks in Queens too! Don't forget Queens!

Okay - time to enjoy, rather than write.

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