Apr 24, 2006

Fave Podcast of the Moment

After hearing a segment once in a while on NPR, I’ve been so thrilled to receive The World: Global Hit podcast daily from BBC/PRI. It’s usually a 5 minute introduction to amazing music from around the world that often touches upon the beautiful gray areas between traditions and the interplay of music, culture, politics, and people. I strongly recommend it - you can get more info here.

A few recent faves:

Maria Volonte
Tango is the musical expression of Argentina's immigrant history. It mixes Cuban habanera and African rhythms with polkas and waltzes. But tango isn't just about dancing. The lyrics themselves are an essential part of tango. For today's Global Hit, Sarah Elzas produced this profile of one tango singer who combines elements of jazz, pop, and bossa nova in her music.

Malaysian born singer, Ani, who makes her home in Los Angeles sings about what it means to be a Muslim today.

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