Apr 26, 2006

Desi podcasting... and the future of our history.

I may be behind the times, but I didn't know about podbazaar. I'm going to enjoy sifting through this when I have more time.

Hmmm... podcasts are a whole other possibility. Especially if it was more of an open-source experiment that allowed for decentralized control of content - maybe if it's in the desi context, something that allows folks from diasporic communities in North America and elsewhere to contribute audio and video content to a clearinghouse site to explore and document some of the local flavor of their homes. At the end of some time, that content could actually be a participatory oral, audio, and visual snapshot of this particular moment in our collective history. Exciting! And if we can get some of the old-timers to talk about their experiences, wouldn't it be a wonderful archive of the hardships and triumphs of the great century of travelers, students, workers, migrants, and sojourners abroad that have carried their hopes and burdens with them across every ocean, and into virtually every civilised place on the planet?

If not anything else, at least it would be an interesting time capsule to open and check out in 20...30...50 years. If it's backed up somewhere, that is.

On that note, do people even make time capsules anymore? I started making one of the music that I was listening to each season, after hearing Cameron Crowe talk about how he did that (and how that helped him in the writing of Almost Famous)...

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