Apr 17, 2006

Onward Towards Spring.

Finally got my computer back from friends who'd borrowed it for a week in DC. Using a PC just felt dirty during that time. Haven't been posting much, and won't be online as much for a month with finals around the corner. But at least the City is beautiful in the spring. And a promising summer awaits. I can't wait to actually read for fun again.

The A10 rallies were amazing. I heard estimates of more than 125,000 in NYC, and even though it's not close to Dallas and California, the diversity in the crowd seemed phenomenal. At the end of the day, it looked more like the America I feel comfortable in than the one that some folks like to pretend we still have, circa 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver, I'd like you to meet your new neighbors, the Lees, the Herreras, the Khans, and the McNairs.


flygirl said...

"..circa 1950.."

Oh, GAWD, you guys too?? What is it with these freakin' baby boomers, eh? Our PM wears it as a badge of pride. You know, if John Howard ever gets voted out, I swear I'm going to dance on the Parliament House green...or...maybe something more dramatic..

Good to hear you're getting some nice weather with early spring. Hope it stays that way!

Isn't weird how using PCs, even in an emergency, just feels wrong? They are just so wrong in every thing. So messy, so noisy, stupid..

Rage said...

flygirl: you're a mac user too? aww yeah. Though of course, I've had my doubts.