Aug 8, 2005

Open Thread...

It's been a long week. Many thoughts, little energy. Open thread to tell me how you are doing. Feel free to send cookies, too.


DesiDancer said...

I feel like the villagers in Lagaan before "Ghannana Ghannana" comes on.

Hai Ram it hasn't rained in this city-- I mean properly rained-- in probably months... ugh.

someone else said...

how about you all teach me hindi to save me some money?

Correct the following atrocious mix of hindi and bangla:
kitna mas nahin bristi keringe?

someone else said...

2 points if you can even figure out what the hell it says :)

DesiDancer said...

how many
will do...

guessing: for how many months won't it rain?
(bristi sounds like baarisht??)

though maas is meat in hindi, and I prefer wegetarian humor ;)

DesiDancer said...

"Feel free to send cookies, too."

you want those PF fruit cremes?

someone else said...

well apparently i need to learn the past tense. you get 1.75 points.

it was supposed to be:

how many months has it not rained?

yeah mas (or maash actually) is month or months and bristi (pronounce brishti) is rain. in bongla, the whole thing would be somethign like:

kotho mas bristi pore ni?

although i'm probably saying it wrong een thouhgt the words are all correct.

Rage said...

Don't know hindi, but wish I did, because I'm sure that I could get more free stuff by flexing my verbal prowess.

Anyways - thanks for keeping this alive, guys. It was actually nice to tune in after a long day of setting up the new apartment (or at least trying to figure out what piece of furniture should come first) while trying to get back into the groove after such a long weekend.

PF cremes would be quite nice, dd. It's been ages.

DesiDancer said...

OK, so I needed an open thread to whine on.

I tore/pulled a significant gluteal muscle yesterday in rehearsal. It causes me debilitating pain, and the muscle relaxers I have are really knocking me for a loop. I have a show in a week and I'm not sure if said glute muscle will be show-ready in time. I'm so bummed. I'm like Doug Dorsey when he finds out he can't play hockey anymore...

on a totally unrelated note-- Saw Mangal Pandey last night. Remarkable, Aamir Khan's attractiveness at his age!

DesiDancer said...

Speaking of Aamir Khan, still no rain in New York Shitty!!!

kaali megha kaali megha paani do barsaao...

Rage said...

DD - hope that you're feeling better - definitely hope that you'll be able to dance.

Don't despair!!

DesiDancer said...

Awww, thanks Rage :)

I am feeling much better now. A bit stiff, but I had a lovely sports massage yesterday. I was so sedate I could hardly hold my head up! Worst case I figured I'd take a valium at the India Day parade and just go to town ;)

Look out, aunties!